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In order to support faculty who wish to explore the new model of developmental mathematics, it will help to have some instructional materials that they can consider. If you know of any materials, place them in the correct category below. See note at the bottom!

FIRST COURSE: Fundamentals (diverse ... numeracy, equations, functions, basic statistics; concepts & applications -- less emphasis on procedures)

SECOND COURSE: Transition to more math intensive (still diverse, but more formal ... equations, functions, polynomials, properties of graphs, etc)

You might find Foundations for College Mathematics 2e of interest. It is a text I self publish. It is currently used as a text for high school senior remedial algebra courses. See www.redbankpublishing.com Ed Laughbaum

I think customized text are a great idea. It will help us pull from other texts that we like. I have had a lot of luck and support from Pearson when we customized our textbooks from developmental math all the way through College Algebra. We can tweak texts to fit in the proper course as we see fit, rather than conforming the syllabus to fit the text.

NOTE: Listing materials here is not a personal endorsement or certification; you are merely saying "These are materials that a person could consider for this type of course".