Transitions Course Deadline for Review Group feedback -- September 17, 2010

New Life Project

AMATYC Developmental Mathematics Committee

Purpose of course: The Transitions course prepares students for mathematics courses including college algebra, pre-calculus, finite mathematics, and/or statistics. The focus is on building understanding of mathematical systems, with a dual emphasis on symbolism and application; some symbolism is presented without context or application. Some students will enter the Transitions course as their first experience with mathematics at college, while others will be coming from the Mathematical Literacy for College Students course. For students about to enter a STEM pathway, additional topics might be needed (as identified in the outcomes). Use of graphing technologies is assumed throughout.

  1. Numbers and Polynomials: Students will develop and apply concepts of polynomials to investigate and describe relationships and solve problems.
  2. Functions: Students will understand the basic algebraic functions in terms of fundamental concepts such as rate of change, variables, domain & range, and parameters, and use multiple representations of functions.
  3. Geometry & Trigonometry: Students will apply basic relationships of shapes and angles to investigate, represent and solve problems.
  4. Modeling and statistics: Students will develop and apply basic concepts of modeling and statistics to investigate and describe situations and solve problems.

The outcomes for each of these goals are available on the following separate pages:

Numbers & Polynomials Outcomes

Functions Outcomes

Geometry & Trig Outcomes

Modeling & Statistics Outcomes